Is VR the future of the events industry?


The last year was hard for the events industry. The pandemic led to worldwide events cancellation. While the small businesses in this domain tried to change the profile, developing short term strategies, the niche leaders demonstrated that Virtual Reality could be the future trend in this domain. Could VR replace sports events? For participants probably not, but what about watchers?

We could watch out for our life from the virtual side. What if technology will replace reality? We know that people want to experience being a part of a community, so technology is not ready to offer us the same emotions today. But what can VR offer?

Virtual reality will allow watchers from any part of the globe to be a part of their favorite events! While this might impact the hospitality industry, it will create new possibilities for people who never attended a concert or Olympics.

The new technology is also interesting for sponsors. Our team has analyzed the potentials of sponsors` interaction with guest-viewers. The engagement in the virtual world is much higher and presents more interest for both sponsors and watchers.

How about the participants? Do we believe that technology can replace the feeling of crossing the red line or climbing that goal rock? Maybe once we will be able to participate at such events, but until then, keep an eye on the Klein and Clark sports calendar and be the first to book your participation at our next event!

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