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Klein Clark

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Who Klein Clark Is and What He Wants to Talk About

Klein Clark was born and raised in a modest Boston neighborhood. From childhood, his interests, or rather their combination, were striking: Klein was interested in both economics and sports. Nevertheless, it was these seemingly opposite things that stymied the mainstream of his life’s journey.

Klein’s journey began when he managed to get a scholarship to a prestigious university to study finance. His desire for knowledge was amazing, so top grades in his courses were not long in coming. In addition, while still studying, he started building his own small investment portfolio. 

At university, Klein’s passion for sports did not fade. On the contrary, it became stronger and stronger. He joined the university’s basketball team and became an important player on the team. His interests in finance and sports at the same time became the reason for his nickname “Moneyball Klein”.

After graduation, Klein began working at a financial firm. Due to his determination, he gradually moved up the career ladder. However, he could not give up his passion for sports. So he often discussed sports statistics and strategies with his colleagues. One day, while watching a soccer game, he had an epiphany – the principles of analysis and strategy that he used in his financial career could also be applied to sports.

This realization prompted Klein to create his blog. He tries his best to explain financial mechanisms, talk about credit and other “complicated” things in a way that is understandable and entertaining. For his easy slog and sports analogies, people from all over the country flock to his blog.

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