Fitness Shoes

How to Choose Fitness Shoes

Basically, sneakers are chosen according to color, fashion, style and depending on mood. But this approach to solving this issue is not correct. First of all, it is necessary to be guided for what purposes sports shoes are bought. What criteria are used to choose sports shoes for this type of activity and how to choose them correctly can be found in this article.

Fitness Shoes: Main Features

Those who practice yoga or Pilates do not need shoes. These workouts are best done barefoot. In addition to the fact that it is quite convenient, this way you can additionally stimulate important points on the feet. As for active fitness, shaping or aerobics, special sneakers are needed for this. Of the main criteria for such shoes, it is worth noting the following:
  • Shoes must be versatile. They should be comfortable to run, jump and do other exercises.
  • It is important that the couple is light. To a greater extent, it depends on what material the sole is made of.
  • Fitness shoes need to be breathable. Sneakers with synthetic uppers are allowed, but mesh must be present in the model.
  • Shoes should have a good fit. It is important that not only the ankle is well fixed, but also the sneakers can be conveniently adjusted according to the thickness of the foot.
  • In the sole, springiness is an important quality. In addition, it should be soft and embossed.
  • It is desirable that the sneakers have a soft, and best of all, an orthopedic insole.

What Functions Should High-Quality Fitness Sneakers Perform

There are several key functions that your running shoes should perform during your fitness sessions.


Cushioning in shoes plays an important role. Thanks to it, it is possible to minimize the load on the joints and spine during jumps. You can understand the degree of springiness of the sole when examining it. If it is made of rubber or foam, then there are usually no problems with the depreciation of sneakers. At the same time, sports shoes with foam soles are usually lighter than those made of rubber. Regarding rubber, it is worth adding that it is preferable to buy sneakers if it is artificial because sneakers with natural rubber soles are somewhat heavier.

Sole Functionality

In addition to cushioning, the sole can have other tasks. It is worth giving preference to those sneakers that have a multi-layer sole. Manufacturers resort to such a trick not for their advertising or beauty. With the help of the bottom layer, it is possible to achieve good adhesion to the surface. About the middle layer, we can say that it is quite hard. And thanks to the top layer, the load on the foot becomes minimal. It is noticed that sneakers with soles in one layer do not have good wear resistance.

Ankle Support

During fitness classes, there is usually a lot of jumping and activity. This may cause injury. To prevent this from happening, it is better to buy sufficiently high sports shoes, which will contribute to good support. Do not come to fitness classes in low-top sneakers or walking shoes. For reliability, it is better to give preference to sneakers with a harder top.

Reliable Fixation

Reliable fixation of the foot during training can only be achieved with the right shoes. Undeniably, sports shoes without fasteners are much easier to use. Much easier to put on and take off. But over time, these shoes stretch and it becomes more difficult to adjust their fit on the foot. Therefore, for fitness, such sports shoes are undesirable. You should not buy Velcro shoes for the gym, they will also show themselves not from the best side during operation. You can perfectly “fit” your foot with the help of laces. And so that they do not interfere during training and do not rub the leg, you should give preference to sneakers with side loops.

Three Helpful Shopping Tips

The main criteria for running shoes for fitness have already been considered. But it will be difficult to choose the right pair without knowing a few more secrets and recommendations:
  • To buy good quality sports shoes, it is better to go to a specialized store. If we talk about the manufacturer, then at the moment every popular brand has its own flagship models.
  • In order to buy the most suitable pair in size, you need to make a purchase after lunch, and even better at the end of the working day. By this time, the legs become swollen, which is the norm for an ordinary healthy person. Sneakers during fitting should not press and pinch the foot. It is better to choose sports shoes half a size - a size larger. But at the same time, it is important that the sneakers do not hang around the leg.
  • Some sneakers are ideal for fitness, and therefore it is desirable to use directly for these purposes. For running in the morning or walking, it is better to purchase other models. After all, running shoes should be equipped with a stiffer and more stable sole that can withstand heavy loads.

All of the above criteria is a direct path to positive results during training and a great mood in the gym. Those who have correctly approached the choice of equipment for fitness and bought sneakers suitable for this type of activity will be successful.

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